Have you heard today 90% of the company uses a messenger bot for their business?

Are you surprised?

Don’t be.

Messenger bots are highly valuable to businesses and can perform all kinds of tasks, from customer support to generating revenue for business and building brand awareness to acquire new customers! It can execute the all-over task for your business.

Is this the first time you heard of a Facebook Messenger bot?

We will explain to you what it is, how it works, and 9 opportunities to leverage Facebook Messenger bots for your own business.

Basicallya chatbot is a piece of automated messaging software which are using to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. All the backend programming depends on machine learning and because of this, it makes the bots so user-friendly that probably you won’t even understand you are talking with a machine, not a human.

From a customer’s perspective, it is a friendly and time-saver. Rather than opening an app, making a phone call, running a search, or loading a webpage, your customer can just type a message, as they would to a friend.

Chatbots have been there for some decades, and currently, they exist on web pages, in apps, on social media.

Why would you use a messenger bot for your business?

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Grow Your Sales

As Facebook Messenger is much easier, user-friendly, personalized, and has a vast audience, amplifying sales would be much more achievable with it

Increase Customer Base

Messenger’s user base grows about 100 million every 5-6 months. You’ll get tons and tons of clients to sell your products and increase your brand awareness.

Boost In Revenue

Facebook Messenger assists you to hike up your revenue in all ways possible. From Facebook ads to personal product promotion in Messenger chat, you have all the opportunities to encash to make a killing amount of money.

Build Credibility

The one-to-one connection and the ability users get to select products as per their interests and needs boosts your brand credibility.

What are the opportunities?

1.Accept Payment

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Although Facebook Messenger has already got the payment feature, it isn’t on a mass scale yet. Because a lot of people are familiar with Messenger, it’ll simplify the payment making and receiving a lot once it gets rolled out for everyone.


2. Appointment Bookings

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Appointment bookings will be much easier with smart Facebook Messenger bots. It’ll terminate the process of calling, booking an appointment, and fasten this process by letting customers click a few buttons to book their meeting.

3.Conversion Tracking

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Facebook Pixel helps you track conversions you make with Facebook ads. It helps you examine how impactful your ads are and lets you calculate your return on ad spend. Analyzing your data will help you make a more fortified strategy and target a perfect audience.

The opportunities for Facebook Messenger marketing are obviously endless. In contrast, it would completely reshape the way customers will shop, book tickets, make appointments, make payments, book cabs, connect with others, etc.

4.Engage Your Audience with Facebook Messenger Bots

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Messenger bots are really great for building brand awareness and engage your audience about your business. Use your bot to let people know what it is your company does, particularly when communicating with people who have recently entered your brand’s sphere of influence. This is a great way to capture interest. By conveying your brand in a way that appeals to your target audience, you are qualifying people from a cold audience to a warm audience and moving them down your sales funnel. There are a few ways to do this, and there’s no reason that you can’t do them. One way to do this is by customizing the greeting message that appears when someone first interacts with your bot on Messenger. That way, users can learn a little more about your business before they engage in conversation.

5.Keep Your Business Top-Of-Mind with Facebook Messenger Bots


Facebook has some great features. One of the best features is that to send chat blasts. It’s like sending the customize content, important updates, information in a fraction of seconds. You can also ask users to opt-in to content blasts. This allows people to update their preferences and decide what, when, and how often they want to receive new information from you.

6.Customize Your Offers with Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook messenger can collect and study all the relevant information about their audience. It will then send the customized message based on their preference.

7.Make More Sales with Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger messages can reduce your marketing costs. It can segment your audience. You can segment your audience on what they prefer or do and then target different chat blasts to different segments of your audience. You can create smart chatbots to automate Q&A with a live takeover by a human. Bots can help book sales appointments, track delivery, or make product suggestions. Bots can also help book a flight or order dinner, remind you to purchase a product, notify you about an offer you might like, or tell you a joke.

8.Improve Your Customer Support with Facebook Messenger Bots

You can use broadcasts to let customers know about important business news you think they will find interesting, to offer them content that they may find useful such as a blog that will draw them back to your website or ask them if they want to be made aware of future product launches and information.

9.Encourage people to visit your product page

Once you’ve used features to warm your audience up, you can start directing them to your product page. However, it is important that you make it feel natural and conversational and NOT like a sales pitch. This is a big no. If you don’t want to direct people to your product pages this way, you can always add a shop button to the menu, but a well-organized conversation does tend to work well.

How we can make Messenger Bot?

Manychat is one of the applications. There are few others like Chatfuel, Mobilemonkey.

I have made a separate video on this

Here I have explained it in a detailed manner.

Some glimpses of messenger bot:-