Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind — — Dean Koontz 


It’s perfect midnight.

Raining heavily outside.

The rain is so draining, so empty that swirls your mood.


It’s 3 am, the night lamp is gleaming and adorns the room to some extent.

You are lying in the bed and staring at the half-opened window and ample thoughts coming to your mind.

You think about things you’ve done things you’ve not done

Places you’ve traveled, things you’ve seen, people you’ve met, people who spread rumors, people who gossip, people who don’t give a damn about basic ethics, dispelling notions, and all those stereotypes shattered


You look outside and the road looks so different, so desolate that it reminds you how life has been unfair with you. You could remember all those tiny details where you have gone wrong just because you are afraid of losing someone. You are seeking happiness in something that you know won’t please you anymore.

But there are good memories too. It is but the fond memories of the yore that keep us going even during the darkest of times. It is but the old fun times with friends and family that make us realize how much we love them and how only a shell of a human we would be without them. Then you realize that making memories is more important than reminiscing about old ones.

Now it’s 3.50 am, Rain has almost stopped. You sigh and return from the thoughtful discussion with yourself. And the song that is playing in the background —

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye

Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho