“It’s not about the money you make it’s about the impact you make “

-Russell Brunson

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Entrepreneurship is based on science because whatever we do, we study the market first and then will take the calculative risk. It is a practice of science with innovation.

What is marketing?

Is it about branding or selling some product?

No, It’s not about selling or branding. It’s a combination of a whole lot of things.

  1. Law of marketing
  2. What are the fundamentals of marketing?
  3. How does it integrate your values?
  4. Importance of communication skills in marketing?
  5. The necessity of building a strong brand
  6. Why invest time and energy in learning marketing?
  7. CATT marketing funnel
  8. Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  9. Integrated digital marketing
  10. Personal Brand

First, let’s understand what is the law of marketing?!!

Marketing is all about understanding your customers well and coming up with the product of customer’s needs. It is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. You need to keep an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life. For this, the first step is to build trust with your customer.

Let’s take an example from science,



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Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law states that for a closed-loop series path the algebraic sum of all the voltages around any closed loop in a circuit is equal to zero. So all the voltage should be summed up to get the result. Same way every small effort helps you choose your niche in digital marketing and build your brand.

How to choose the right niche?



You need to have a combination of these three talents, market, passion.

Talent + Passion=Struggling

Suppose anyone is interested in a restaurant messenger bot and I can create an edge. tech messenger bot then none will buy my product. So instead of talent and passion, nobody will buy my product.

Talent + Market=Tiredness

Suppose, If you are talented and there is a market for that product you may get profit for some time but in the long term if you are not passionate about it then ultimately you will get tired.

Passion + Market=Other competitors will defeat you

No matter how passionate you are about the market product, If you have no talent then you will not be able to compete with other competitors.

If you’re reading this article till here, we are entering into the main part!!!

CATT Marketing Funnel


This framework is the combination of four things which are content, attraction, trust, transaction.



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It is your asset that is going to attract your customer. You should create useful content which brings your customer. All these blogs, videos, lead magnets, live webinars are a part of the content. The more creative and organized way you will write your content, the more you will get money because money is directly related to your customer. It creates an impact on people’s minds. Marketing is all about mind games and content is a part of it



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It drives attention to your content by using SEO, Paid ads, Social media, and Referrals.



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Trust is the bridge which is connecting above all points. If you making any product of customer’s need then your product might get sell but it’s not about selling. You have to ensure your customer is happy by communicating with them and keep a connection with them so that they can remain a customer for life. Thought deeply for the long-term privilege.


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It converts your leads into customers with a natural sales method. If you have already built trust with your customer then sales will happen naturally. You don’t need to push with them.

If you are still reading this article till now then you must be wondering why am I investing my Time and Energy in Learning Marketing?!!

Marketing education has a long shelf life because it is rooted in human psychology and understanding the market. It has existed since the dawn of civilization. If you know how to market and sell, you have a safe career. It gives you immediate ROI.

What is integrated digital marketing ?



It integrates different marketing strategies to publish better results for leads and sales. It includes Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, and Content Marketing.

Build a strong personal branding



People always have belief in Brand.

Common, Don’t lie.

When you are purchasing something from any online platform, you always give the priority to the brand.

Choose a category or niche and become a leader in that category. If you cannot be a leader in that niche then be a leader in a sub-category. People remember only the best and the best known will always beat the best.

People want to hear from people, not from brands. That’s where the power of personal branding comes into the picture.


LearnLearn new skills through concepts, Facts, and procedures.

WorkWhat you have learned, try to implement it. If You gain knowledge but do not implement it then you are wasting your money to acquire that knowledge. Start with any job, freelancing, or any project. But Implement it wherever you can.

BlogWrite what you have learned and experienced. Put some unique content to your blog along with your experience and that’s how you will start creating value towards your personal branding.

ConsultStart consulting for other businesses instead of working for them.

MentorMentoring others will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level. Moreover, it will enhance your basic skills.

StartupStart with your own product/business with the experience that you have gained.

Don’t stop there. Be consistent with this process.

If it is still not going good means there is some problem with communication.

Effective Communication

Don’t just communicate, be an effective communicator.



Good marketing is all about good communication. It doesn’t mean sophisticated English. Write the way you talk in English.

Am I able to transfer my knowledge to you effectively? ask yourself !! Always join any conversation with a question, it will connect all the scattering dots in people’s minds.

Write a lot. It slows down your thought process and gives you clarity in communication.

It is incomplete if I do not talk about economics.

Global Economics



The basic knowledge of the global economy is a necessity for an entrepreneur. You should have a well understanding of economics so that you can manage your finances at least at a preliminary level. It helps you to make informed and correct decisions.

Traditional vs Digital marketing


Source: Google

If a product is generic with a very wide targeting then it will go for traditional ads.

TV ads have a reach of millions of people at minimum cost. Radio can reach 65% of people in the Indian population. Newspapers have a reach of 465 M+ people. In Digital marketing, it helps to reach people with good communication skill and higher purchasing power.

There is no way to check how many people responded to your ads in traditional marketing. But in the case of digital ads, it gives the analytical result of the user’s activity and experience with those ads.


As I have said in the beginning, marketing is all about the summation of different categories. All you have to do is learn things and implement it and produce quality things so that it builds trust with your customer